Alarm Management

The Control Systems in a plant generates numerous events as time stamped textual information records. These records are normally collected and stored into a plant or enterprise Alarm and Event Historian database. Software based on standardized components is available for efficient collection and storage. An Alarm Management software package will normally also include report capabilities such as Alarm filtering and Viewing, statistical information on Alarms frequency, grouping by plant area, repeating/chattering alarms etc.

Having all alarms and events stored in a database presents great opportunities for further processing of information hidden within the large event logs. Our services and products enable our clients to combine valuable data collected by the Alarm and Event Historian with business logic in order to produce high quality, value added reports that will:

  • Save valuable time and effort in the process of producing reports for further decision support
  • Document and verify every trip incident in a plant
  • Facilitate knowledge management by simplifying sharing and distribution of report data

The pages on this website introduce two of our products where business logic is applied to an Alarm and Event Historian in order to produce a system for:

  • Shutdown Analysis - Tool and reporting engine for verifying actual Cause and Effect behavior

  • Valve verification - Tool and reporting engine for verifying safety valve operations