eWells – Drilling and Well Reporting Software

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eWells is an advanced, all-in-one corporate software solution for well management and daily drilling reporting.


eWells is a user-friendly software solution for daily drilling reporting and well management. The solution is a complete all-in-one well management suite. All changes and operations are tracked throughout a well’s lifecycle, providing the organization with coherent journals from all stages of well development. eWells has been developed by BOOS Information Technology in close cooperation with a demanding customer.


By combining powerful out-of-the-box reporting functionality, intuitive user interfaces and cutting-edge software technologies, eWells provides a high-performance, cost effective and easy to use platform for field reporting.


A preferred partner on the NCS


eWells is specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of well management and NPD-reporting standards on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. From start to finish, the system consistently conforms to all regulations enforced by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).


Flexible at the core


eWells is implemented using the latest of technologies provided by the .NET framework, which permits a highly flexible and scalable solution. The system can be configured, integrated and customized to match the needs of practically any production environment.