Automatic Shutdown Reporting

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For many years, BOOS IT has participated in a variety of projects involving the collection, storage and reporting of Alarm and Event data on Oil and Gas installations in the North Sea. Part of this expertise has developed into two products.


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Our software for automatic shutdown reporting offers a multitude of advantages to any offshore production company or industrial environment. Erratic traveltimes, travel failures and other defects may be detected without manual inspection. This leads to significant savings due to increased operator efficiency and prevention of unnecessary production halts. Another great advantage is the ability to carry out analysis at any time on any off-site location. The software continuously analyses recorded shutdown data and presents the result in a clear and intuitive user interface.


Automatic Shutdown Analyzer


The Automatic Shutdown Analyzer application (ASA) is an advanced tool and reporting engine for analyzing shutdown sequences in a plant.


The tool is designed to verify that the defined Cause and Effect hierarchy has performed as expected during the shutdown, according to the ‘master’ documented in cause and effect diagrams.


Valve Validation


Valve Validation is a tool and reporting engine for analyzing all movements on safety valves in a plant based on the events in the Alarm & Event logs.


The tool will automatically record all valve movements, keeping track of when a valve was operated and to what status a valve operation resulted.